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Failing Forward and Enjoying it!

The Business Therapist® team is deep into the marketing and production of a new product. It will be by far the best program of digital business advice yet, thanks to our openness to embrace failure!

Failure and learning happens on the road to successIf we were stuck trying be perfect the first time around, i.e. no failures, it would not be possible.

Key point: Embracing failures and learning from them is far more productive than attempting to find perfection.

We are also rapidly expanding our knowledge in new areas like landing page design, self publishing, video recording and editing and the integration of e-commerce solutions into our website.  When we are learning and applying these new skills, we often make mistakes and need to redo some of our work. If we did not accept these little failures as a necessary step in product development, we would all have to be fired. We have a culture that embraces these steps as necessary and productive.

Key point: A culture of acceptance of failures in the process of learning new skills is necessary to accomplish the learning.

It is important to note, it’s not the same as a culture of accepting of making the same mistakes over and over again. This culture is in the spirit of innovation and discovery of new methods and skills.

It is experiential learning at its best. I like to compare it to learning to ride a bike. You can do a lot of research and study on the skill of bike riding, but you can’t learn to ride one without actually getting on the bike. Over the last two months, we have got on the bike many times and fell off quite a few. In the next couple weeks, we are ready to take off the training wheels and ride around the block by ourselves.

When you embrace the mistakes as ‘failing forward’, then success is possible. We still have a ton to learn and a few spills on the bike are expected, but we are on the bike and enjoying the journey immensely!

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