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When to ‘Let it Go’ and Have a Nice Day

It’s hard to take your own advice. Today, I will suck it up and do it!

Here’s the story – shortened for your benefit!

  • My 2008 Mini Cooper broke its engine two and a half months ago, shortly after the warranty ran out.
  • My local mechanic looked at it and sent it to the dealer.
  • There was a one month delay in getting parts.
  • Mini Canada and USA were no help.
  • Since it broke 400 miles from home, I have over $1,000 in rental cars – no loaners were available.
  • Went to pick it up 2 weeks ago and there was a puddle of oil under it! Yikes.
  • Apparently a turbo clamp went missing – everybody says somebody else has it.
  • Can’t buy just a clamp, need to buy a new turbo!
  • I found a used turbo and clamp on E-bay.
  • Should be ready Monday – actually Tuesday now.
  • Tuesday, got the call, the oil line is broke too – need to order a part.
  • Promised first thing Wednesday.
  • Sorry, part came in late, need to make sure it works, how about Thursday?

How to deal with frustrations in businessSooooooooo….

I could just blow a gasket myself and go ballistic on everybody.

Or follow my own good advice – let it go, pay the bill and have a nice day.

Whatever the frustrations are, they are MY frustrations and they don’t do ME any good by hanging on to them!

I have let them go – good bye!

Thanks for listening.

P.S. Anybody heading towards Potter County, PA this weekend? I might need a ride home  😛

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