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The Five Year Overnight Success

When I became serious about a digital business strategy in 2008, I had a concern about how to handle the future success. I was worried that after a lot of hard work and the marketplace recognized the success, the response would be:

“That would have been easy to do”

Then we switched into a higher gear in 2010 with a new website, and one higher gear when we launched the blog in 2011. Liz Grady joined the team in 2011 also and cranked up the social media activity and web presence.

We became even more serious in the spring of 2012 when I finished up my accounting firm commitments after the sale of the firm. I dedicated more time to the digital business strategy.

Then we kicked up another gear when I hired a full time Director of Research and New Product Development, Rich Thornton CPA CA in May, 2012.

At the end of 5 years, wrapping up 2013 here is a rough assessment of the investment in the digital strategy:

  •           Over 10,000 hours and over $250,000 actual dollars invested. 
  •           On the income side in 2012 we sold 3 digital products – that’s 3 of the same product at 179.00, but one person asked for their money back, so we received $378.00 total revenue.

I am not that good at math but depending on how much you value my time, I am about a million dollars in the ditch on this project!

If I asked for my own advice, I might suggest I quit!

Not a chance!

We just hired another great person to the team, a young engineering student Rafael. He brings new energy, entrepreneurial thinking combined with the engineering development techniques.

We now have a hacker, hustler, designer and visionary and have shifted our little web startup into another gear again. We are a synergized team and work is the most fun it’s ever been.

In 2009 I wrote a goal statement which stated my intentions for my business. It said:

“I allow myself to easily provide mutually beneficial value to a small business owner totally via the digital world.”

I have that statement printed and taped to my laptop again. That is our goal.

The purpose of this blog today is to clearly state our intentions and honestly reflect on the journey so far.

After a few month of hard work, we are intended to show signs of being a 6 year overnight success!

I like the quote,

“Sometime genius is just the ability to recognize the obvious.”

While some pessimists might translate that to say that I should quit, we believe we are ‘three feet from gold’.  I look forward to hearing the marketplace comment,

“That would have been easy to do!”

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