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Online Learning is Exploding!

Online learning is exploding - The Business TherapistMaybe it’s just me, but it seems the world of online education has shifted into high gear and is getting serious traction!

Here is a partial list of online learning platforms:  (We will be launching a course on this platform soon.) (We like these guys too – they make it look like we did all the work.) – Over a million users and courses in 20 languages. (Steve Blank is an investor in this platform and it hosts his Lean Launchpad course among others.) – over 4 million users – one of the most popular.

Lynda.comLorrie Thomas Ross our web marketing alliance has a web marketing and branding courses on this site. There are over 3 million users.

There is a popular open source learning management tool called This ‘community’ of school teachers from all grades around the world are levering this free tool in developing virtual learning environments. (You could go to a nearby “moodle moot” to find out more about it.)

Then there is the open source (i.e. free) programs at Stanford, Harvard and MIT ( and others) that provide access to courses the regular students pay a lot of money to attend:

While this list of offerings is extensive, these are the ones that have come onto my radar. We even have one startup based right in downtown Windsor, Ontario:

It is all a little overwhelming. I wonder how and when it will disrupt traditional education platforms? It affects home schooling options, professional development programs and workplace training methods too.

It just seems to me the rate of change is picking up speed in this area.

We will have to watch and see.

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