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Should Your Business Have a ‘Nap Room’?

Can a nap at work make employees more productive? The first time I heard the ‘nap room’ idea was a couple years ago. I was running a program where I facilitate feedback from a team of employees without the owner present. The idea of a ‘nap room’ came up twice. The second time I had to ask if they were really serious.

They were!

The main argument for the nap room was this:

If I am really tired at work, I am not very productive and am likely prone to make mistakes. If I could get a 20 minute nap, my productivity for the rest of the day would be more than the time lost during the nap.

The main argument against the nap room is:

I pay my employees to work not to sleep!

It makes sense to encourage your employees to get sleep on their own time. However, there are exceptions when a nap room would be a productivity improvement tool. I can think of the time when the employee needs a nap for reasons that are not in their control like a new baby, a middle of the night call to a crisis or even an employee that was called out for a long service call during the night and still works the following day.

Another consideration is the appreciation and uniqueness of having a nap room available to the employees. If you have the space, it is a low cost benefit that could provide a big benefit for those exceptions times when it is both a perk to a tired employee and a productivity boost after the alarm goes off!

Any thoughts or experiences with this concept?

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One Response to “Should Your Business Have a ‘Nap Room’?”

colin onions

August 8th, 2013 at 7:11 pm

I used to nap everyday for 20 mins in my lunch break. It takes a while & a little practice but once you have the skill you can drop off in no time. I found my nap to be quite envigorating. Not getting disturbed is the big thing.