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Enjoying Your Life

The Business Therapist, enjoy the journey

I recently found this picture that I took in St. Maarten a few years ago which made me stop and think. I wondered how hard the owner of  the 120’ yacht would have worked to buy it? What sacrifices did he make? Did he feel like the ‘king of the hill’ when he bought it?

So I made up the following commentary for the picture:

Joe Business Owner had a dream. He wanted to one day own a 120’ yacht and sail it to St. Maarten in his retirement. He worked for thirty years, made many sacrifices and compared to most, having an extra 10 million to buy his yacht at age 67 was a great accomplishment. When he bought it, he was truly ‘the winner’ – or he thought he was…

Until the day Joe Business Owner parked his 120’ yacht in paradise and Another Business Man pulled up in his yacht – who, at age 49, acquired his 300 plus foot yacht and had enough money left to buy a 70’  sailboat to park on the back deck!

The moral of the story is that big boats are very nice – but if  your ego is involved in owning it – it usually doesn’t take very long for a bigger one to show up.

I guess that’s why we should enjoy the journey as well as the destination.

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