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Expert Knowledge as a Product

knowledge as a product, employee training, employee motivation, organizational learning, help for business, family business help, family business therapy, the business therapistHow many times does the boss have to politely and respectfully deliver the same message to the same employee for them to get it?

Why is it if an outside expert comes in and tells the employee the same thing, they suddenly get it?

It can get really expensive hiring experts to come in and work with your employees every day.  Fortunately, the world has evolved where so much of that expert knowledge is readily available as a product, and often for free.

There are good books you can recommend your employees read, but that can take too much time. We now have podcasts, blogs, much shorter E-books and videos available.

I think the reason employees listen to the expert is twofold. First, the boss has already planted a seed with the original conversations so the second source of the same point becomes a confirmation of the boss’s position.

Second, if the expert can establish credibility with the employee, they will listen to them.  The expert may explain the topic in a different way and with different examples.

I think these resources are under utilized by most business owners. Are you using podcasts and videos to support your training efforts?

If you are having trouble finding a podcast, video or blog on a particular message please let me know and I’ll create one for you!

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