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There is No Magic Pill for Small Business Success

small business help, small business success, how to own a successful business, business advice, family owned business advice, do 1 thing better, do 100 things better, Paul Foster, The Business Therapist, If we could just invent a magic pill that business owners could take to solve all their problems – our business problems would be solved too!

And a lot of times, we come across business owners looking to us to provide the magic pill. While you might think they would be good clients, actually they are not.

It never works unless the business owner takes ownership of the problem themselves. Once they take ownership, the ones that just focus on doing 100 things 1% better are the ones that get the best results!

Looking for the magic pill is just like trying to find the one thing to do 100% better. We find in practice this doesn’t work the best.

The key is to do 100 things 1% better.

And if you find 100 things too overwhelming, we have simplified small business management to only 5 major things to work on.

It’s that simple – 5  things – 1% better.

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