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The Hurricane is a Good Reminder about Backups

I always try to see the positive in everything. A hurricane is a tough one. However, there’s at least one thing we could ask ourselves:

How is our business backup and disaster recovery program?

Doing a backup of your files is not that important – unless you happen to lose them in a hurricane. The key to a good system is that it is automatic. If it is not dependent on you remembering to do it, it will get done.

Unfortunately, we have seen the odd situation where a business did their backup automatically but they didn’t check to see if it was working. It is important to test the backup and try to recover some data.

The next point is to make sure and take your backups offsite. Having your backups tapes sitting on the desk in the same flooded office as your server does not help your situation!

There are all kinds of resources to tap into to help you with your backup and disaster recovery from your insurance company to your computer support people.

For those of you who have been responsible and taken action I am sorry to bug you, but if this blog helps only one business remember to be proactive on backup procedures, it will be worthwhile!

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