A Video is Worth 228 Pages of Words

I just finished Simon Sinek’s book Start With Why – How great leaders inspire everyone to take action. It is a very enjoyable and worthwhile book to read. Simon Sinek also recorded a talk on ted.com as an 18 minute video.  Having read the book and watched the video, I can confirm if you watch the video you don’t need to read the book. Sinek covers the 228 page book content quite thoroughly in the short video.

With technology like YouTube available and decent video recorders built right into most smart phones, creating a video is basically free and easy.  We find more and more use in video to replace the old written word of procedures manuals and documented systems. If you want to create a system of how to do one of the routines of your business, why not just video you or an employee performing the system and load to a private link on YouTube? It’s not just faster it’s better.

If someone only saw the Simon Sinek video and didn’t read the book, they likely got his point more clearly too.

By the way, his ‘start with why‘ discussion, is a hugely important reminder for small business owners to make sure and clarify their purpose or ‘why’ they are in business.

Sinek says, “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” Therefore if your business can clearly communicate your why, you will attract loyal customers and employees who believe in your why.

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