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Is Going to a Conference Work or a Perk?

The Business Therapist® Inc. sent an employee (Rich) to a conference this week. It happens to be in a nice hotel in a warm place.

What expectations are reasonable when attending a work conference?

The work day – How many hours should he be putting in at the conference each day? (Did he take his golf clubs?)

The absorption of the content – Is he involved in the presentations and asking good questions on behalf of the firm? (Is he even there?)

Interaction with other participants – The discussions in between the sessions can be very fruitful. Maybe Rich is keenly looking for people and opportunities to expand our firm? (Or is he handing out resumes looking for a new job?)

The social component – Is there a level of professionalism expected for an employee representing our firm? (Is it important to stay up late and soak up all the new tacit knowledge released as the evening evolves?)

I guess it’s  like every other day at the firm, you have to have trust in your team and respect their judgement.

Or I could creep his social media to see if he posts pictures like this one:

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Just another day at the office!

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