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Non-Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a great (free) tool for determining where your website leads are coming from. You can decide to advertise in different ways: on LinkedIn, publish a blog or place an ad in your industry’s digital publication. When a potential customer show up at your website, Google Analytics will tell which advertising source created the lead.

But what about leads that show up at your door or call you on the phone? Does your business still get customers this way?

I was talking recently with the owner of a speciality construction firm. He was on his way to spend his weekend at his booth at a fair. A lot of people attend this fair over multiple days. When I asked him about the leads he got from the fair, he didn’t track it and he wasn’t sure he ever received any from this event – but he talked to a lot of people.

What he needs is some non-Google Analytics!

I asked him to consider doing the following exercise during his spare time hanging around at the fair.

1)     Make a list of all the jobs he did over the last 5 years (he does large projects, so this number would be likely less than 50)

2)     Think back to the source of the lead for these jobs and note the source of the lead.

This sheet of paper is now his non-Google Analytics. Now he can do the important part, he can ‘analyse’ it to see where his best investment in advertising has been. This particular business owner is reputable, honest and talented, but he is very busy working hard and working late into the evenings. I hope he takes the additional time to review the jobs he gets. I suspect he could take the time and money he invests going to fairs and trade shows and refocus less time and less money in more efficient marketing efforts and even better quality leads.

If you need any help setting up a ‘non-Google Analytics’ worksheet just let me know. There is an example for a retail business and a jobbing business in the self study program for sale on our Resource page. If you would like one custom made for you and guaranteed to make you more money and save you time, we can do that too.

 Or just try steps 1) and 2) above to get you started.

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