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customer service issues, resolving customer service issues, customer service problems, how to handle customer service problems, attracting new customers, getting new customersThe Golden Rule of Business: Treat others how you would like to be treated.

Many business owners desperately seek methods to attract new customers. Consider businesses you frequent; why are you a loyal customer? Business owners can often see areas for improvement in their business by considering their interactions with other successful businesses.

Following the Golden Rule of Business, here are a few ways to improve your relationship with your existing customers.

-          Deliver what you promise – consistently.  Whether it’s a product or service, give your customers exactly what they want, and if you’re not sure – ask.

-          Deliver when you promise. It’s easy for customers to become irritated when waiting for your product or service.

-          Respond to inquiries in a timely fashion. You don’t want your loyal customers feeling frustrated and neglected.

-          Remember that there are no stupid business questions. Aspects of your business that might be obvious to you as the business owner might not be as evident to your customers.

-          Ask for feedback on how you can better serve your customers, and most importantly – follow through on this feedback.

-          Make your customers feel special – because they are! Offer your loyal existing customers a ‘sneak peek’ at new products. Consider creating a referral reward plan, or simply just thank them for their continued support.

-           Address customer service issues immediately and honestly. Often customers who’ve had a service issue resolved satisfactorily will become a more loyal advocate for your business than a customer who didn’t even have a problem.

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