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How To Be A Good Employee

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Respectful communication is essential to a happy, productive employer – employee relationship.

Here are some tips:

–          Communicate your limitations: If you are able to communicate the lack of a particular required skill, your employer will better understand your abilities. For example a good employee might say, ‘I’ve never edited a video before, so it might take me a bit longer to complete the task.’

–          Express your willingness to learn: A goal of many business owners is to shift some of their responsibilities. A good employee is open to new challenges! This willingness could result in improved job satisfaction, more freedom, a promotion or an increase in income!

–          Communicate your needs:  If there is an area of your job that could be made easier (and more productive!) with better tools, it is important that your employer is aware of this need. A good employee might say, ‘I just want you to be aware that if I had the updated version of this software, I estimate I could be 15% more productive.’

–          Share your personal goals: Employers want happy and productive employees. If there is an area of your job that negatively impacts your home-life, your employer may offer solutions that are mutually beneficial.

–          Be aware of your communication style: Because 80% of communication is non-verbal, be sure that you practice good email etiquette.

–          Think before you speak: It’s important to not interrupt or make assumptions. Try to be sympathetic and understanding. If you are unclear about something, you should ask for clarity. Remember: Grey and fuzzy creates problems – black and white solves problems – and increases your productivity and satisfaction.

–          Clearly state deadlines and expectations: If required to perform a task, let your employer know when to expect completion, and try to exceed expectations.

The leadership style of the business owner affects employees and conversely, I believe good employee behavior can actually improve the leadership style of the business owner.

Essentially, being a better employee benefits the employer and the employeeso why not give it your best effort?

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