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The Fear of Success in Business

People typically take action when the pain of not acting becomes more than the fear of taking the action. This can be fear of change or fear of failure.

Other fears exist too. It was only a few years ago that I learned the ‘fear of success’ existed. I discovered it because I had it! As a business advisor, I have since seen this fear of success many times in my business owner clients.

The fear of success can exist in your mind subconsciously. Most often, what is feared is a side effect of success. Certain concerns may include:

If I am successful, will my friends become jealous and treat me differently?

If I am successful, will my brother in law expect me to pay for his dinner when we go out?

If I am successful, what new responsibilities will I now have? Will I be able to maintain the new level of expectations I create?

It is important to recognize that fears are created by us and they are separate from the actual or possible events that we fear.

Recognizing the fear of success exists brings it from the subconscious into the conscious, and therefore easier to deal with.

Simply acknowledging the fears reduces them.

The solution to reducing or eliminating a fear is within our hearts and our minds. When we can separate the feeling of fear from the contemplated event or action, we can assess the best action to take without the fear controlling the decision or inability to decide.

In deciding to act in the pursuit of significant success, it is a wonderful feeling to get past the fear and courageously pursue your goals. When you reach your goals you will realize the concerns for the side effects of success were also self-created. This doesn’t mean they weren’t real for you when you created them, it just means they can disappear whenever you decide they will.

Please feel free to share in the comment section any fear of success experiences you have had in business.

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